Classical Literature of the World
Description: World literature is not well known in Canada and people have no idea how rich and valuable it is. WBB members come from different cultural backgrounds and as participants of this project, they would talk about the literature of their homeland in short presentations (15-20 minutes). 
Initiator: Nataliya Bukhanova 

Poetry Reading Group
Description: Organizing poetry readings with WBB poets in small venues such as cafes, bars, houses, etc. In some cases a small amount can be charged to raise funds for WBB and to pay any costs involved.
: Mario Flecha 

Creative Writing Workshop for the English as a Second Language Writer
Description: This workshop invites writers to move beyond being a tourist in the language into an authenticity of expression. The focus will be on group discussion and the exchange/critique of ideas and work-in-progress, with the instructor's role one of providing guidance, support, and facilitation of individual expression and increased competency. Readings, discussions, and writing exercises will focus on integrating the rhythm, texture, and patterns of your first language with those of English.
Initiator: Rita Espeschit 

Description: Updating members of WBB news, sharing information and picture. This is an attempt to replace the newsletter. 
: Monika Igali 

Description: Creating and updating pages for the Writers Beyond Borders website.
InitiatorMarco Katz  

  1. It starts with a member coming up with the idea of a new project.
  2. He/she writes up a description of the project; just a paragraph of the basic idea, including how many are needed to execute it. 
  3. Send the project idea to the WBB email address.
  4. We'll send out an email to all members, and post it on our website and blog, indicating that whoever is interested should contact the project initiator directly.
  5. And from that time, the project initiator is in charge. Some general rules:
    • Each project is self-sufficient, meaning that members who join do all the work. WBB only provides the initial contact.
    • WBB doesn't have the money or the resources to finance any of the projects. (We are working on developing some promotional material for WBB though.) The basic idea is that each member should participate with his or her expertise.
    • For example, the Creative Writing workshop instructor is paid by the participants of the workshop. WBB does NOT subsidize it. The instructor graciously agreed to teach it. The Poetry Reading group is self-sufficient, too. They even donated some money from their proceeds to WBB to contribute to the creation of promotional materials for the whole organization.