The end product of WBB's creative writing workshop is a self-published anthology: Writing in the Margins. Enjoy poems and prose by Arnaldo Pérez (Cuba), Sarah Bórquez (Chile), Monika Igali (Hungary), Shukrije Pllana (Kosovo), Ernest Chiasson (Canada), Therezinha Franca Kennedy (Brazil), Nataliya Bukhanova (Russia), and Rita Espeschit  (Brazil).

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Featuring works by WBB members Nataliya Bukhanova, Melissa Morelli Lacroix, and Henry Victor, World on a Maple Leaf: A Treasury of Canadian Multicultural Folktales is a compilation of 25 folktales written by people from different cultural backgrounds who call Canada home. Rooted in cultures from around the world, the stories offer an imaginative world to students while promoting the true spirit of multiculturalism and educating students in the principles of diversity, equality and respect. The folktales, which come from many countries such as Japan, India, Ireland, Senegal, Afghanistan and Lithuania, delve into the world of spiders and foxes, kings and farmers, old women and young maidens.

While some of the stories originated from outside of Canada, they are distinctly rooted in Canadian soil. These stories will give students an opportunity to study various cultures, and will provide them an opportunity to see the universal elements that we all share as humans, irrespective of our differences. The collection was developed in collaboration with the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund and the City of Edmonton.

ISBN:  978-1-55378-134-9
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Jalal Barzanji's first book in English, The Man in Blue Pyjamas: A Prison Memoir, is now available in bookstores. This literary memoir is the project Jalal worked on while Writer-in-Exile, and it is the first translation of his work from Kurdish into English. 

"The style of my book must be in small pieces, as my life has been in pieces." (Jalal Barzanji)

From 1986 to 1988 poet and journalist Jalal Barzanji endured imprisonment and torture under Saddam Hussein’s regime because of his literary and journalistic achievements—writing that openly explores themes of peace, democracy, and freedom. It was not until 1998, when he and his family took refuge in Canada, that he was able to consider speaking out fully on these topics. Still, due to economic necessity, Barzanji’s dream of writing had to wait until he was named Edmonton’s first Writer-in-Exile in 2007.

ISBN:  978-0-88864-536-4
Price:  $ 24.95

Marco Katz,
member of Writers Beyond Borders is one of the contributors of a new collection of essaysNarratives of Citizenship: Indigenous and Diasporic Peoples Unsettle the Nation-State. 

Examining various cultural products—music, cartoons, travel guides, ideographic treaties, film, and especially the literary arts—the contributors of these thirteen essays invite readers to conceptualize citizenship as a narrative construct, both in Canada and beyond. Focusing on indigenous and diasporic works, along with mass media depictions of indigenous and diasporic peoples, this collection problematizes the juridical, political, and cultural ideal of universal citizenship.

ISBN:  978-0-88864-518-0
Price:  $ 39.95

Many of the contributors of The Story That Brought Me Here: To Alberta From Everywhere are members of Writers Beyond Borders. Though the book was published in 2008, it is important to mention The Story That Brought Me Here on this site, because it played a big part in the establishment of WBB.

In this moving collection of stories and poems, writers from around the world share their thoughts on creating a life in Alberta. Expressed with beauty and clarity, and sometimes translated from the writer's native tongue, these very personal accounts of joy and sadness, regret and humour, homesickness and exuberance, describe the defining moments of a departure and an arrival. Edited by Linda Goyette. 

ISBN: 978-1-897142-34-9
Price:  $ 24.95

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